We cannot bet on soccer if we do not understand anything about the odds. Knowing the football odds in the palm of your hand will be of great help to anyone who wants to play football. So what types of bets are there? How does it work, and how do players place bets? Let’s find out about Senegal bet through the article below.

Asian Handicap 

Asian Handicap is the most popular bet for betting. This is the type of house bet that many players are most interested in and choose among soccer bets, especially soccer betting in Asia. This is the measure for the house to set a betting bet to gain profit for themselves in a match. They will provide information about which team is stronger or weaker, the odds, and let players choose to bet according to their own preferences.

The most noticeable feature of Asian soccer bets is that we have to rely on the number of goals and goal difference to know whether we win or lose a bet.

Handicap odds are divided into different types, so players can choose odds depending on their preferences and budget. Handicap on the ball, half the ball, half the ball, handicap, handicap. draw…

European odds (1X2 odds)

European handicaps always have unexpected fluctuations. “European odds” or people often call them “1X2 odds”. This is the type of bet where players only have 3 choices when betting. The bookmaker captures information about strong or weak teams to give relative shapes to the odds of winning, losing, or drawing. Players will only need to bet on their desired team, and that’s it.

European odds include 3 different options.

  • 1 is the bet for the home team. When a player bets on this team, if the home team wins the football match, the bettor will win.
  • X is the bet for a draw. When a player bets on this bet, if the soccer match has a draw, the bettor wins, regardless of the score of the two teams.
  • 2 is the door set for the away team. If the away team beats the home team, the bettor wins.

For this European handicap, it is sometimes difficult for players to be sure of winning in their hands because football always has comebacks. Determining win, loss, or draw is not easy because the house will always have its own strategy.


“Over/Under odds” , In these interesting soccer bets, the bookmaker will predict how many goals will be scored and will offer odds for players to choose from. Players do not need to care about winning or losing; they only need to care about the total number of goals scored by both teams.

  •  The player bets on Over: This means that in that match, the number of goals for both teams must be greater than the odds given by the house to win the bet.
  • The player bets on the under: This means that in that match, the number of goals must be less than the rate offered by the house to win the bet.

In addition to the three popular types of odds in soccer betting mentioned above, Football has many soccer bets for players to satisfy their different betting passions, such as corner kick bets, yellow card bets, free kick bets, etc.

Hopefully, the above sharing will help you no longer be confused when you want to learn about soccer odds. Please use it if you want to participate in betting!